Frequently Asked Questions

How likely are you to be successful?
Success is never guaranteed. We will provide an honest indication of the strength of the case after our initial review.

Wouldn’t it be better to instruct a barrister?
Technically complex cases may be better dealt with in this way. However we aim to provide a more cost-effective solution with much better case preparation, which is usually of paramount importance in First Tier Tribunal cases.

How much will it cost?
We will provide a cost estimate before you commit to anything. There is currently no fee for lodging a Tribunal Appeal and awards of costs are rare except where the litigation is frivolous or vexatious.

Can you deal with small amounts of tax/penalties?
Yes we can – particularly if these can be organised to take place at the same venue and at the same time as other small-penalty appeals.

Can you deal with large cases?
Yes. The deciding factor is complexity rather than the amount of tax in dispute.

What happens at Tax Tribunal hearings?
They are much more informal than court hearings. There are normally two panel members. The Appellant states their case, calling any witnesses they wish and HMRC can cross-examine. HMRC respond in a similar way and then the parties make any final submissions. A decision may be given on the day but more likely a written decision will follow in a few weeks.

What if I win but HMRC appeal?
Most First Tier decisions are not appealed. If it is the sort of case that might be appealed we will alert you to this at the start.